FDP Bundesparteitag 2023

The relevance of live broadcasts continues to grow. Although the party convention was again held with an audience on site, more viewers than ever followed on the livestream.

The quality of the livestream is a key factor in determining how long viewers tune in. That's why we used film cameras and high-quality cine optics to create an exceptional quality look.

During the event, we also provided snippets and best-of edits for the party's daily social media work.

+ Credits
Client Freie Demokratische Partei
Production small unit production GmbH
Camera & Livestream VISIONARY Berlin GmbH
Set Design Mediastyles GmbH
Stage Construction schnaitt Internationale Messe- und Ladenbau GmbH
Light dk Design
Lichtforum Berlin GmbH
Sound PAM Events GmbH
IT NT-Schulze GmbH

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